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Choosing the Right Ladder in My Workspace?

Posted by Satpal Bhuller on

Choosing the Right Ladder in My Workspace?

Functionality and Safety

When choosing which ladders to purchase for your factory, warehouse, or other business, it's important to focus on both functionality and safety. Of course, you want a ladder that will get the job done, but considering the greater risks of a fall, you can’t afford to ignore safety.

The Ladder Should Suit the Job

It seems obvious, but working out exactly what you need in a ladder can maximise both safety and efficiency. Make sure you check the specified uses for a ladder and see if your planned use is included. For example, if you need to access a high mezzanine floor, it won't do to use a ladder that only just reaches or can't be secured. 

Understand Weight Limits

Always check the maximum weight allowance for the ladder you are buying and make sure it exceeds the maximum weight you will be putting on it by 10 kilograms or so. You never want to be pushing a ladder to its absolute limits as this is asking for trouble.

Fork out for Safety

Falls from heights of even a metre or two can cause serious injuries, especially in a warehouse or factory environment where falls will often be onto concrete, metal, or even hazardous objects. As such, you should never skimp on safety features just to save money – if you have to choose between ladders that are identical except that one has safety railings, always choose the safer model even at extra cost.

Check for Rigid Construction

Ladders that sound good on paper but aren’t rigidly constructed can wobble, bend, or ‘walk, causing all kinds of hazards. Make sure to test ladders’ rigidity before purchasing.

Non-Slip Grip Isn't Optional

The sturdiest ladder in the world will never be safe if your employees are at risk of slipping off it. Make sure to only choose ladders with high-quality non-slip grip on the steps.

Whether you need a step ladder or an aluminium  we have a range of access equipment for you. Take the next step and explore our ladders today.

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