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Choose the Right Trolley For Your Warehouse

Posted by Satpal Bhuller on

Choose the Right Trolley For Your Warehouse

Your operations are different to every other business in Australia. Your systems, products and employees all differ in some way. That’s why you should select a trolley that matches your business. This makes more sense than forcing your operations to mould to your manual handling equipment. Let’s take a look at the different trolleys available and how they’re most commonly used.

Different Types of Trolleys and Their Applications

1. 2 & 3 Tier Trolleys  This is a general purpose warehouse trolley that’s used for order selection and moving materials throughout a warehouse.

2.    Chrome Wire & Basket Trolleys - These are ideal for use in hospitals, retail or office environments for carting documents and light items.

 3.    Cleaning Carts & Trolleys - These are essential for waste removal and organising as well as easy access to cleaning products and tools.

 4.Dollies - Useful for moving heavy bulky items such as furniture, equipment and pianos.

 5. Industrial Hand Trolleys – These trolleys are suited to a range of applications from collecting racks of chairs to assisting deliveries and moving stock around a warehouse. They can also be used to move materials upstairs when stair climber wheels are attached.

 6. Load Skates & Tow Tugs  These trollies can move extremely heavy loads such as machinery and workshop equipment up to 10 tonnes.

 7. Panel Cart Trolleys - Useful for moving bulky goods such as timber sheets, plasterboard and mattresses.

 8. Platform & Warehouse Trolleys - Ideal for general warehouse use and moving small to medium sized items around.

 9. Special Purpose Trolleys - These include hydraulic jacks, beer keg trolleys, bin trolleys, brick trolleys, chair trolleys, and furniture movers.

 10. Stainless Steel Trolleys - These are suitable for medical and dentist surgeries, hospitals, and food preparation areas.

 You can view all of the trolleys mentioned above on our website, or if you have other needs, you can get in touch with us. Let’s discuss the best way to create a trolley that fits your unique requirements. You can view QualityJack Products’ trolleys here.

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