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5 Key Considerations When Purchasing a Pallet Jack

Posted by Satpal Bhuller on

5 Key Considerations When Purchasing a Pallet Jack

With the proliferation of online stores offering access to a wide range of pallet jack models, how do you select the one that is right for your needs?

Sometimes the cheapest or most expensive unit isn’t the best option.

This blog will outline five key considerations when looking to purchase a quality pallet jack that meets your needs.

Fork Length

Before purchase ensure that the pallet jack forks are the correct length. Having excess or short forklift length impacts the loads the pallet jack may carry. Excessively long forks may also affect the manoeuvrability of the pallet jack due to its wider turning circle requiring a larger clear space for turning. Forks that are too short will may not be able to fully support a pallet when picked up and may become a safety hazard due to the unstable nature of the load and the possibility it could fall.

Load Capacity

Load capacity is probably the most important question to ask before purchase. If the pallet jack is not certified to carry the weight limit you require then do not consider purchasing. An overloaded pallet jack is easily damaged or broken and presents a significant safety risk to operators. 

Overall Unit Weight

Overall unit weight is an essential consideration especially when the pallet jack is to be used inside of containers or for vehicle loading. The pallet jack will be of a significant weight before any load is added. It is essential that this weight is taken into consideration when operating on certain surfaces, such as container floors or vehicle trays as they may not be reinforced to support the heavier combined weight of the pallet jack and its load.

Lower/Raise Height Ability

If you are required to raise pallets, ensure the jack is able to comfortably reach your desired height. Another essential consideration is that the jack can reach your desired height whilst safely lifting a load. The rated capacity of the jack may vary depending on how high it is raised. An overloaded jack that has been raised is a potential safety hazard as there is a greater risk it could tip over. 

Wheel Selection

Wheel selection is important to not only correctly support the pallet jacks load but also to provide smooth and easy manoeuvring. High quality wheels will also protect flooring when the pallet jack is operational. 


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